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Get your Dream job this year!

At PataWorks, we are committed to your success. With the right nudge into the right direction, you will find yourself with oppotunities that do not exist now. Throw your hat in the ring and prepare to be amazed!

We are Different

Recruitment Services

PataWorks is a leading recruitment house that delivers highly qualified candidates within 96 hours.

We have established our systems in such a way that you should not be bothered and involved in the long and tidious process of head-hunting, candindate identification, interviews etc. We are on-goingly performing these duties so that you can have the candidate of your choice in the shorted time possible.





Targeted Job Advertisement

Take advantage of our huge candidate traffic (tens of thousands per week) to reach the correct candidate.

our platform is designed to reach as many QUALIFIED persons as possible without inviting unqualified and "fake" candidates.

You will have a better reach (targetted reach) with our advanced communication systems (Email/SMS/APPS) than you can get on the conventional job-advert methods.





Candidate Management s/w

Candidate management is the headache of every HR department. Being able to organise your candidates, communicates with them, interview them and select the best, can be time consuming and tidious.

After years of developing and refining our software, we are now offering it to as a candidate management tool

You can now develop your own database of candidates then have the system filter, interview and determine who the best candidates is for a given position.

We are Different